Glenwood Archives

The Glenwood Community League has begun compiling an archive of information regarding prominent decisions that directly affect the Glenwood Community. As a Community League that strongly supports transparent governance and open data, we will be making what records we collect available for viewing online and at the Glenwood Hall.

We have begun by uploading recordings of a number of Council and TPW Committee meetings relating to Bylaw 15101 (LRT). Visit our Youtube channel @

Council Passes 156st/Stony Plain Road LRT Route

In a 9-4 vote, council passed bylaw 15101, which includes the Stony Plain Road LRT route.  We’ll have more information on the vote, and what steps the GlenwoodCL will be taking in the coming days and weeks.

Below are links to the presentation our City Liaison Director made to council at today’s public hearing:

GlenwoodCL-Dec15-Presentation Pics

GlenwoodCL-Dec15-Presentation Text

West LRT Back on Council’s Agenda – Tuesday, December 15

On December 15th city council will be holding another public hearing for bylaw 15101 which includes the proposed West LRT line down Stony Plain Road. City adminstration is recommending that council both remove the 87th avenue route from consideration, and pass the bylaw as is. The Glenwood Community League will be represented at the hearing, but given city administrations strong push to exclude alternate routes in favor of the Stony Plain Road corridor, it’s important that as residents of the Glenwood Community, you continue to make your concerns known.

Below are links to a template letter, contact information for city council, a presentation we made to council at the last public hearing, LRT related news articles, and our West LRT page.

Template letter

Contact Info

LRT Public Hearing – Day One Presentation

News Articles

West LRT Expansion

Derelict Property in Glenwood Demolished

A notorious derelict property in the Glenwood Community, allowed to remain a hazard, an eyesore, and a disturbing nuisance in the community for well over a year and a half, despite repeated attempts by the League and neighboring residents to have the property cleaned up and the lot secured, was finally demolished today.

LRT Public Hearing – Day 1 Presentation

Below is a link to the longer version of the presentation our City Liaison Director made to city council, which was also included in a handout to council members.

Glenwood – LRT Public Hearing Presentation

Glenwood LRT Public Hearing – Day 1, 5 Minute Presentation

The hearing will continue Friday, Nov 13, 9:30 a.m. at City Hall

West LRT Plan – Write to Council

As we mentioned in the notice in the SPURR regarding the upcoming public hearing for the proposed LRT route, given the large body of opposition in the community to the proposed West LRT corridor, we have prepared a template letter (link below) summarizing a number of concerns regarding the route and the unanswered questions surrounding it.


Glenwood-LRT Template Letter

Glenwood Rezoning Opposition Letters

The Glenwood Community League, along with a number of area residents is working to oppose the rezoning (RF1-single detached residential to RA7-low rise apartment zone) of 15804-98ave, 9806-158st, and 9814-158st. Vocal opposition from nearby residents is a key component to successfully lobbying Planning and Policy Services, and the members of City Council to oppose the rezoning.

Below are the three generic letters of opposition which we have prepared for you to choose from if you so desire, to send to City Council and Planning and Policy Services.

RA7-1 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

I have recently learned of an application by a developer to take three lots (15804-98ave, 9806-158st, 9814-158st) which currently contain two homes and St. Philip’s Church, and rezone them as a low-rise apartment zone. As a neighboring Glenwood resident I wish to express my objection to this plan. Single family homes, most of them bungalows, and single-story properties dominate this section of our neighborhood. With the nearest major roadway several blocks away, we enjoy a comfortable, quiet environment to live, and for our children to grow and attend school nearby. While I appreciate the city’s desire to increase the number of residents in neighborhoods such as ours, disrupting our community by constructing an out-of-place high-density development is not the way to go about this. I have seen the construction of row-housing and duplex’s nearby which seem to fit the bill for higher density living. I strongly urge you to deny this application, and leave the development of RA7 properties to areas in which they will have direct access to major roadways, and will not tower over long-standing homes in our community.


RA7-2 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

I’m writing to you today to express my displeasure with a proposed rezoning in my community of Glenwood. My neighbors and I have recently learned of an application to the city’s planning dept to rezone three nearby properties as RA7, 15804-98ave, 9806-158st, and 9814-158st. As a long-time Glenwood resident, I strongly believe that this is not an appropriate location for such a development. Nearly all of the walkup apartment buildings in our community, many of which seem to be in serious need of maintenance and repair, are on major roadways, 156st, 100ave, 95ave, etc. In the opinion of myself, my neighbors, and the neighborhood community league, a low-rise apartment or similar development on this site, has no place in a part of the community where it has no access to a major roadway, is directly in front of a school zone, and stands out from, and above our homes. I urge you to make the right decision, the decision that will respect the harmony, and traditional development and architecture in our neighborhood, and oppose this application.


RA7-3 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

It has come to my attention there is a proposal to rezone 3 lots within the Glenwood neighborhood (15804-98ave, 9806-158st, 9814-158st) to provide for a low rise apartment building. The perimeter of our Glenwood neighborhood has numerous apartment buildings which belong on the outside of the neighborhood, not in the middle where our homes are situated. Our community has many rental properties already and the interest to add any further is not favorable. We would like to promote Glenwood Community as a place where you can own a home on a mature lot which is not available in newer communities. To introduce a low rise apartment building in the midst of where homes are situated is obtrusive and removes an open air view to the surrounding homes. I strongly ask that you oppose this application and keep the current zoning guidelines in place so a family can build a home on the existing 2 lots that already have homes on them. A church is welcome in the community but an apartment building is an eyesore.


Contact Information

Kenan Handzic – Planner I – Current Planning Branch

City of Edmonton – 7th Floor – 10250-101 St, Edmonton, AB – T5J 3P4

Phone: 780.944.0123 – Fax: 780.401.7057 –

Councillor Karen Leibovici

Telephone: 780-496-8120

Fax: 780-496-8113


Councillor Linda Sloan

Telephone: 780-496-8122

Fax: 780-496-8113


Letters to all council members can be sent ‘care of’ the Office of the City Clerk. All letters received by the clerk will be added to the official correspondence regarding this issue.

“Care of” The Office of the City Clerk

3rd floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

June Newsletter

Annual General Meeting was May 3rd

Thank you to those of you who attended our AGM on May 3rd. Although attendance was very low, we all enjoyed a delicious brunch, and got to chat about some of the issues that are occurring in our beautiful neighbourhood. We would like to welcome the current 2009-2010 Glenwood Community League executive.

Gary Racich – President (RETURNING)

Clayton Johnson – Vice President (RETURNING)

      • Gaming Director (RETURNING)
      • Sports Director (RETURNING)

Sheri Brydges – Secretary (RETURNING)

Harriet Fortuin – Treasurer (RETURNING)

Charlotte Larsen – Facility Director (RETURNING)

Michele Bugera – Membership Director (RETURNING)

– Newsletter Director (RETURNING)

Jamie Post – City Liaison (New Member – Welcome!)

Shannon Nichols – Program Director (New Member – Welcome!)

Ways to be a part of the community…

    1. Purchase a membership. Memberships in Glenwood Community League are still (after almost 20 years) only $25.00 per household and seniors 60+ are FREE! Memberships for 2009/2010 will be available at our Annual General Meeting on May 3rd, at 10am (or email glenwoodcommunity ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com or call Michele at 780-439-3169).
    2. Come to a community league event –
      • Come and play cards (Euchre) on a Tuesday – beginners welcome
      • drop in at a community league meeting (first Thursday of every month, except summer months)
      • come to Community Swim at Jasper Place Pool on a Sunday, 3-5pm (with membership)
      • come to Hockey Night in Glenwood
      • sign up for Adopt-A-Block to keep your street clean
      • meet new friends and neighbours at our 70th Birthday Bash this fall
      • register your children for one of the City of Edmonton programs going on at the hall this summer
      • drop in to check out our summer Playground Program with your kids, nephews, nieces, grandkids or friends
      • organize a block party on your street
      • attend our annual Christmas Party

Mark your Calendar… September 12th, 2009 is the BIG DAY!

What Does a 70th Birthday Bash for a Community Look Like?

Fantastic food, fun, fireworks, friends, family, dancing, jumpy things for kids, door prizes, networking, neighbours, games and so much more!! This will be our biggest community event in YEARS and we are hoping to see so many people, new to the community and those who have been here for years joining together for a day of excitement. Email Michele at glenwoodcommunity ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com to get more information or to volunteer your expertise!

Upcoming Scrapbooking Day Out

Katherine hosts scrapbooking days at the hall approximately every 2 months on a Saturday…. please contact her for upcoming dates at kewchuk ‘at’ telus ‘dot’ net or visit her website for more information at


Join us for Euchre every Tuesday night at the Glenwood Community Hall. Registration at 6:30pm, games begin at 7pm. Anyone can come to play.

Family and Kids’ Stuff…

Registration for registered programs IS NOW ON!

We have two programs right here in our neighbourhood!

Go online at and search Summer Program Guide for more information, or pick one up at City facilities. Register early to get your spot!

Green Thumbs (3-5 Years) 9-11:30 A.M. Class 317740 – $55 (August 10-14)

Come and get the scoop on growing flowers and vegetables. Learn some neat ways that our insect friends help us out in the garden! Planting seeds, crafting some beautiful bugs and making cool garden markers are all part of the fun!

Wild at Art (6-9 Years) 1:30-4 P.M. Class 318124 – $59 (August 10-14)

Explore the world of art in this program. Sample everything from molding clay, paper maché and painting in different forms.

Glenwood will once again be running FREE summer drop in playground program at the community league playground this summer. Please come out and enjoy games, crafts and other dramatic play. Last year was a great success, and we look forward to even higher numbers this year.

Don’t Forget about Free Swimming… (SUNDAYS 3-5)

With your Glenwood Membership, you can participate with your family at our Community Swim at Jasper Place Pool on Sundays from 3-5pm until the end of June.

Other Glenwood Information:

Have your say and find out about… Community development, League spending and changes, Programs offered, What’s new in Glenwood?

Community League meetings are open to everyone and are generally held at the hall at 7pm on the first Thursday of every month.

Are you hosting a birthday party? Baby or bridal shower? Family Reunion? Family Christmas Party? Consider renting the Glenwood Community Hall.

Friday/Saturday rentals: Members $150*, Non-Members $400

Sunday-Thursday rentals: Members $75*, Non-Members $150

Call the Facility Director, Charlotte at 444-0411

* Must be a member in good standing.