Glenwood Rezoning Opposition Letters

The Glenwood Community League, along with a number of area residents is working to oppose the rezoning (RF1-single detached residential to RA7-low rise apartment zone) of 15804-98ave, 9806-158st, and 9814-158st. Vocal opposition from nearby residents is a key component to successfully lobbying Planning and Policy Services, and the members of City Council to oppose the rezoning.

Below are the three generic letters of opposition which we have prepared for you to choose from if you so desire, to send to City Council and Planning and Policy Services.

RA7-1 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

I have recently learned of an application by a developer to take three lots (15804-98ave, 9806-158st, 9814-158st) which currently contain two homes and St. Philip’s Church, and rezone them as a low-rise apartment zone. As a neighboring Glenwood resident I wish to express my objection to this plan. Single family homes, most of them bungalows, and single-story properties dominate this section of our neighborhood. With the nearest major roadway several blocks away, we enjoy a comfortable, quiet environment to live, and for our children to grow and attend school nearby. While I appreciate the city’s desire to increase the number of residents in neighborhoods such as ours, disrupting our community by constructing an out-of-place high-density development is not the way to go about this. I have seen the construction of row-housing and duplex’s nearby which seem to fit the bill for higher density living. I strongly urge you to deny this application, and leave the development of RA7 properties to areas in which they will have direct access to major roadways, and will not tower over long-standing homes in our community.


RA7-2 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

I’m writing to you today to express my displeasure with a proposed rezoning in my community of Glenwood. My neighbors and I have recently learned of an application to the city’s planning dept to rezone three nearby properties as RA7, 15804-98ave, 9806-158st, and 9814-158st. As a long-time Glenwood resident, I strongly believe that this is not an appropriate location for such a development. Nearly all of the walkup apartment buildings in our community, many of which seem to be in serious need of maintenance and repair, are on major roadways, 156st, 100ave, 95ave, etc. In the opinion of myself, my neighbors, and the neighborhood community league, a low-rise apartment or similar development on this site, has no place in a part of the community where it has no access to a major roadway, is directly in front of a school zone, and stands out from, and above our homes. I urge you to make the right decision, the decision that will respect the harmony, and traditional development and architecture in our neighborhood, and oppose this application.


RA7-3 – Download (MS Word .doc)

Dear Mr. Handzic, Ms. Sloan, and Ms. Leibovici,

It has come to my attention there is a proposal to rezone 3 lots within the Glenwood neighborhood (15804-98ave, 9806-158st, 9814-158st) to provide for a low rise apartment building. The perimeter of our Glenwood neighborhood has numerous apartment buildings which belong on the outside of the neighborhood, not in the middle where our homes are situated. Our community has many rental properties already and the interest to add any further is not favorable. We would like to promote Glenwood Community as a place where you can own a home on a mature lot which is not available in newer communities. To introduce a low rise apartment building in the midst of where homes are situated is obtrusive and removes an open air view to the surrounding homes. I strongly ask that you oppose this application and keep the current zoning guidelines in place so a family can build a home on the existing 2 lots that already have homes on them. A church is welcome in the community but an apartment building is an eyesore.


Contact Information

Kenan Handzic – Planner I – Current Planning Branch

City of Edmonton – 7th Floor – 10250-101 St, Edmonton, AB – T5J 3P4

Phone: 780.944.0123 – Fax: 780.401.7057 –

Councillor Karen Leibovici

Telephone: 780-496-8120

Fax: 780-496-8113


Councillor Linda Sloan

Telephone: 780-496-8122

Fax: 780-496-8113


Letters to all council members can be sent ‘care of’ the Office of the City Clerk. All letters received by the clerk will be added to the official correspondence regarding this issue.

“Care of” The Office of the City Clerk

3rd floor, City Hall

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

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