(Glenwood Related) Kids, check your candy bags for lost wedding ring – By Cigdem Iltan, edmontonjournal.com

EDMONTON — A trick-or-treater who stopped at James Fearn’s house Saturday night collected Oh Henry bars, lollipops — and one gold ring.

That last item was an accident.

Fearn’s left hand was swollen from a recent fall so he switched his wedding band to his right pinky finger, the only other finger it fit.

“I was getting handfuls of suckers and chocolate bars and filling up my hands using both hands and I’m afraid this thing was a little on the loose side,” he said. “Somebody’s got my wedding ring.”

About 45 to 50 costumed kids stopped by Fearn’s Glenwood home on Halloween, in the area of 163rd Street and 95th Avenue. Fearn didn’t recognize any of the children and doesn’t know who might have it.

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