Councillors, residents dismayed school being closed despite joint-planning efforts

This article from the Edmonton Journal last week quotes our President and Vice-President, in response to the Edmonton Public School Board’s proposal to close Glendale school in our neighbourhood. Glendale is surrounded by the largest school age population in the study area, surrounded by new infill developments, and is within walking distance of two future LRT stops. All points that help make the case to save, modernize, or rebuild Glendale School.

We’ll be meeting with EPSB Trustees soon and will have more information for the community as it becomes available.


Glenwood Community League vice-president Clayton Johnson is upset the school board plans to close Glendale School although future growth is expected in the community when LRT service is installed. LARRY WONG / POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Edmonton’s Glendale Elementary School could be within walking distance to two LRT stops before September’s kindergarten kids graduate from Grade 6.

But the city’s LRT plan got barely a mention this past spring when public school officials recommended the school be closed.

“We feel there’s no joint planning at all … I’m pretty sure they don’t have any clue what’s going on between the two of them,” said Clayton Johnson, vice-president of the Glenwood Community League, who was stunned when he saw a copy of the school district’s proposal.

“It’s super frustrating for everyone,” he said Wednesday, expecting the LRT will bring a population boom with a slew of new family-oriented duplexes, town homes and low-rise apartments in the area. “How do you not talk to each other?”

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