Got Junk and a Community League Membership?

Use your membership to get rid of the junk.


Saturday, June 17th, use your Glenwood/Meadowlark/West Meadowlark community league membership to participate in our FREE Big Bin Event! We are sharing the costs of bins for our residents to dispose of furniture, left over bits of reno materials, broken furniture, yard waste, and anything NOT on the following list. It will run from 9am to 2pm at Jubilee Park – straight east of the Jasper Place Pool (92 Ave/162 Street).

Make as many trips as you need – memberships will be available for these three community leagues on site if you haven’t bought your 2016-2017 membership yet. $25/household, seniors 60+ are free in Glenwood.

No Electronics
No Paint
No Hazardous Household Waste
No Fridges or Freezers
No Firearms or Ammunition
No Tires

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