Glendale School

Glendale School 9812 – 161 Street


Glendale School has been educating the students of the Glenwood community for 60 years.

As a school we are committed to working with students and parents to provide the best education possible for all students. Glendale School offers full day Kindergarten and regular elementary programming for Grades 1 – 6. We are also a district site for students who come to us from the west end of the city for Opportunity programming in Grades 4 – 6. Student learning is enhanced through the use of SmartBoards in each classroom as well as each student from Grades 2 to 6 having full time access to a laptop computer in his or her classroom.

Glendale School has also recently become a “Leader In Me” school which means we are working to bring out the best in all students through leadership and accountability. We are also an “Apple School” which to allows us to focus on improving student nutrition and active living. These two programs are helping us make students well rounded learners and contributing members of the school and community.

Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions about Glendale and enrollment for the next school year. Phone: 780-489-4300.


Regards, Will Deys, Principal

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