Stony Plain Road Streetscape – Modified Timeline


September 2012 – Project Update

The Stony Plain Road Streetscape project construction schedule has been updated. Utility work will begin as originally anticipated in fall of 2012. Road construction start has been updated to begin in spring of 2013. Transportation Services tendered the road work in August of 2012 and received only one bid at a value greater than the budget for the project.

The revised schedule will involve:


  • A new tender will be issued in January 2013.
  • A pre-construction public information session will be scheduled for March 2013.


  • Epcor Water and Epcor streetlighting will initiate utility work in 2012 to prepare for the 2013 road construction. Epcor streetlighting work to continue into 2013.
  • Road construction to begin in April/May 2013 (weather permitting). Road construction is anticipated to be completed prior to freeze up in 2014.

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