Stony Plain Road Streetscape – Timeline Update

Input received from the public and stakeholders at the January 31, 2012 and February 15, 2012 open houses (Westlawn Chapel) strongly encouraged the City to align the streetscape with other initiatives to be coordinated, efficient and cost effective. A City of Edmonton team of Directors and Supervisors has been working to analyze and coordinate all the project requirements in the Jasper Place area in relation to sequencing, timelines, resources and phasing.  The Stony Plain Road Concept Plan for 149 to 158 street has now been approved by the City and the Stony Plain Road BRZ. This has informed the development of the timeline and staging for the Stony Plain Road streetscape improvements as follows:

Spring 2012
 – Preliminary and detailed design 155 – 158 Streets
Late Spring 2012 – Construction tender for 149 to 158 st
Mid Summer – Construction Public Open House Meeting
Fall 2012 – Begin construction from 155 – 158 Streets
2013/2014/2015 – Continue construction from 149 – 158 Streets

This timeline and staging considers the time constraints to begin construction between 149 to 155 Street including the Preliminary Design for Southeast to West LRT along Stony Plain Road (currently underway with completion end of 2013), as well as the complexity and number of land use agreements required in the 149 Street to 155 Street segment prior to construction that may require an extended timeframe to complete prior to construction.

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