Thank You to Edmonton Fire Rescue

We’re very fortunate here in Glenwood to live in close proximity to Fire, EMS, and Police services.  Our thanks to Edmonton Fire Rescue for a quick response to a house fire in the community yesterday evening.

Fire Chief warns of possible dryer danger

Chris Gardner,

Homeowners are being warned about the importance of maintaining their appliances after a smoky incident in west Edmonton, late Sunday.

Crews responded to a house near 161 Street and 96 Avenue, around 9:30 pm, after reports of a dryer on fire. By the time they arrived, the flames had already spread to the home’s electrical system and the rest of the basement.

“There’s a good chance there was a build up inside the dryer of lint and stuff like that,” says Fire Chief Ray Barron. “[You must] get them maintained [and] keep the airways nice and clear.”

The homeowner was taken to hospital, but only for precautionary reasons.

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