Glenwood CL Annual General Meeting

Win GAS or MEAT at the AGM Sunday, April 17th, 2pm

16430 97 Ave at the Glenwood Hall

Please join us for coffee or tea – you could win a $50 gift card for Sandylane Meat Shop (in Glenwood) or a $50 gas card from Petro Canada!

We require a certain number of community residents to have enough people to vote our executive in.  Please consider attending even if you cannot volunteer for any executive positions.  You must be in attendance to win the gift cards.

Please come out and join us at the meeting.  It is open to everyone living in Glenwood in apartments, condos and houses whether you rent or own your home.

This year we have also have an interesting event happening in conjunction with our AGM!

Have you heard of the Sensational Game “GO”?
Following the AGM there will be a presentation on the game of GO by some experienced GO players. You will be fascinated to discover why GO is the most popular board game of skill in the world. It is not only fun for all ages but teaches many mental skills such as patience and perseverance. It can be peaceful but in reality it is a struggle between 2 players to control territory on a 19 by 19 grid between black stones and white stones.

We invite you to come and see and even try a small board game.  Weekly sessions will follow on Wednesdays starting on April 20th with instruction and games.  Adults and children ages 6 and up are welcome to attend, and residents of neighbouring communities are also welcome. Make friends. Have fun. Learn.

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