West LRT Update

City Council has approved a final conceptual design plan for the WLRT Lewis Estates-Downtown Corridor.  The approved plan does not incorporate any changes to the Jasper Place area from earlier drafts which were made available to the public.  The Glenwood CL is dissapointed that none of our recommendations regarding traffic flow, and business/residential access were incorporated in Council’s final decision. For more information, visit Edmonton.ca/LRTprojects

With this decision made, the League will be focusing it’s civic involvement on advancing the goals of the Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy, and pursuing a statutory land-use plan (Area Redevelopment Plan) for the Glenwood Community, in order to manage current and future redevelopment pressures.  We will be working closely with the West Edmonton Community Council and Jasper Place Revitalization Steering Committee on these efforts.

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