Business & Community Mixer

The Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association will be hosting a Business/Community mixer

Thursday April 29, 2010

5:00 – 7:00 pm

Appetizers and Refreshments

(Cash Wine Bar)

15211 Stony Plain Road

(Value $10)

For more info visit or call 780-477-5169


What’s the HUM?

Holistic Urban Market

As a non-profit organization funded by its member, the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association strives to establish long-term partnership between the business community, the surrounding communities and the public and private sector to improve safety and security, to promote business revitalization and to encourage economic development and business recruitment.  In order to attract more people to the street, improve image of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone, raise more funds, and interest new businesses and investors, various events and activities are launched and offered free to the public. We are very excited to announce another new launch. To further enhance community and business development we are working towards establishing a world class indoor/outdoor year round Holistic Urban Market that will attract the public who not only enjoy frequenting the standard farmer markets but also those who are interested in the holistic approach to a healthy life style.   By creating the big dream and vision, attracting the people who believe the vision is achievable, encouraging stakeholders to invest their time and resources and seek out sponsorship who appreciate the value and want to be part of the development, we believe all of this is a combination for success. By creating a holistic and unique approach we are hoping to attract the very valuable consumer, by enticing them to visit and explore a whole new concept for a farmers market which in turn will only increase the chances of success in an already competitive and repetitive market.

Be a part of this exciting development, to kick off the H.U.M. the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association will be hosting a Business/Community mixer that will exhibit retailers in the area that provide services and products related to the holistic healthy lifestyle. Come out and see what we have to offer. First 60 tickets are free. Pick up your ticket at 10043 151 Street.

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